What do the Pacemaker Implant Codes Mean? – Pacing Codes Explained

This is our short hand for 3 things that explain exactly why you have had the pacemaker implanted. Symptom, Presenting ECG and Aetiology (Cause).

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A complete explanation of these topics and more is available in the book Pacemakers Made Easy by Carl Robinson.

Presenting Symptom

A1. Unspecified
A2. Unknown
A3. Other
B1. Syncope
B2. Dizzy Spells
B3. Bradycardia
B4. Cardiac Arrest
C1. Tachycardia
C1B. Palpitations
D1. None/Prophylactic
D2. Heart Failure/Dyspnoea
D3. Cerebral Dysfunction
D4. Chest Pain
D5. Aborted Sudden Death

Presenting ECG

A1. Unspecified
A2. Unknown
A3. No arrhythmia documented
B1. Normal Sinus Rhythm
B2. Normal Sinus Rhythm + Abnormal EPS
C1. 1′ Heart Block
C2. 2′ Heart Block – Unspecified
C3. 2′ Heart Block – Wenkebach
C4. 2′ Heart Block – Mobitz
C5. CHB – QRS Unspecified
C6. CHB – Narrow QRS
C7. CHB – Wide QRS
C8. Chronic Atrial Fibrillation + Complete AV Block
D1. BBB – Unspecified
D2. RBBB – Incomplete
D3. RBBB – Complete
D4. LBBB – Complete
D7. RBBB + LAHB + Normal PR
D8. RBBB + LPHB + Normal PR
D9. RBBB + LAHB + Long PR
D10. RBBB + LPHB + Long PR
D11. LBBB + Long PR
D12. LBBB/RBBB Alternans
E1. SSS – Unspecified
E2. SSS – SA Exit Block
E3. SSS – SA Arrest
E4. SSS – Bradycardia
E5. SSS – Brady-Tachy
E6. Chronic A Flutter/Fib + Bradycardia
E7. Interatrial Block
E8. Chronotropic Incompetence
F1. Atrial Tachycardia Unspecified
F2. AV Reentrant Tachycardia
F3. AV Nodal Tachycardia
G1. Ventricular Extrasystoles
G2. Non-Sustained VT/VF
G3. Sustained VT/VF
G4. Torsade De Pointes
G5. Other

Aetiology (Cause)

A1. Unspecified
A2. Uncoded
B1. Unknown
B2. Conduction Tissue Fibrosis
B3. Apparently Normal Heart
C1. Ischaemic
C1A. Transient Ischaemia
C2. Post Infarction
C3. Post MI – 1 vessel CAD
C4. Post MI – 2 vessel CAD
C5. Post MI – 3 vessel CAD
C6. Post MI
C7. Post multiple MI – 1 vessel CAD
C8. Post multiple MI – 2 vessel CAD
C9. Post multiple MI – 3 vessel CAD
C10. Post multiple MI – coronary anatomy unknown
C11. No MI – 1 vessel CAD
C12. No MI – 2 vessel CAD
C13. No MI – 3 vessel CAD
C14. Ischaemic
D1. Congenital Unspecified
D1A. Congenital Conduction Defect Only
D1B. Congenital Structural And Conduction Defect
E1. Surgical Complication
E2. Surgical Therapeutic (Ablation)
E3. Catheter Ablation – unspecified
E3A. Catheter Ablation – complication
E3B. Catheter Ablation – therapeutic
E4. Drug Induced
F1. Carotid Sinus Syndrome
F2. Vasovagal Syndrome
F3. Orthostatic Hypotension
G1. Cardiomyopathy – unspecified
G1A. Cardiomyopathy – hypertrophic
G1B. Cardiomyopathy – dilated
G1C. Cardiomyopathy – RV dysplasia
G2. Myocarditis
G3. Valvular heart disease
G6. Endocarditis
G7. Heart Transplant
G8. Ionising Radiation
H1. Idiopathic
H2. Long QT syndrome
H3. Other
H4. Hypertensive heart disease
H5. Brugada syndrome

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