The Top 5 Cardiology Blogs in the World

The Top 5 Cardiology Blogs in the World – In My Opinion!

Writing a blog is hard work!!! If you think I do it for money, then think again! After 6 Months I am yet to earn a single penny from 100s of hours work.. far less than minimum wage…
So I look at other bloggers with total respect and an appreciation of the work that goes in, because of this I have decided to review a few of my favourites!!
Recently I found a fantastic resource called Bloglovin which basically brings all the blogs you read to one place! Here are 5 websites I recommend you add to your Bloglovin feed!


If you are interested in Cardiology, whether a patient or a healthcare professional, this Blog is the best for keeping up to date with breaking news stories in Cardiology. It is a prolific Blog with hundreds of posts all dedicated to Heart Disease and treatment. Bored of reading all the time? This site gets extra kudos for featuring multiple videos and podcasts that make digesting information that little bit easier. A spin off Blog from an independent newspaper for Cardiologists means that it is a little jargon heavy, so I would recommend it more for the healthcare professional than the patient. Having said this, if you want to keep up to date with developments in Cardiology, anybody can use this fantastic resource and the authors always offer an insightful commentary.


Cast your mind back to the last book you read that was a real page turner. Dr John M’s Blog is the Cardiology Blog equivalent.  Indeed he tackles pressing issues in the Cardiology world (like his friend Dr Wes), but he will often fly off on tangents and share anecdotes that are tenuously related at best. This does not detract from his insight, instead it adds to it and makes the uptake of information far easier!  Who would have thought that his love of Cycling would be so relevant to his medical insights?  Well it is and I urge you to visit his site, I genuinely chuckle regularly as I read his musings, a self confessed non-adherent patient. 


ECG and Cardiology by Jason Winter

If you want to learn more about ECG, no matter what level of knowledge you have, this is the place to do it! It simplifies ECG to the newbie but will continue to educate you no matter what level you are at! 
With their Facebook community at over 111,000! It is clear to see that Jason and his Blog are doing something very right!!
The author Jason Winter is a clinician for a NHS Ambulance Service in the Midlands, UK, with a passion for ECG education. Most importantly he can convey his knowledge in plain English! His writing style is relaxed and humorous taking the edge off of a subject that most people may find quite dry!


Quite often I get asked about healthy lifestyle and healthy living once somebody has had a Heart problem diagnosed. I have two BSc (Hons) Degrees, one in Exercise and one in Clinical Physiology – a massive gap in my knowledge is DIET! We know what foods people should try to avoid if they have heart disease but we never focus on what they CAN eat! Putting together a new menu can be almost impossible, luckily an amazing lady called Cathy Elton has put together a Blog with recipes recommended for those with Heart Disease! There are some foods on this blog that you would simply not believe could be good for you!! The motivation behind Cathy’s blog? She herself was diagnosed with Heart Disease but refused to sacrifice her love of ‘hearty, spicy and exciting food’ I recommend this Blog to my patients and truly believe it can help you feel positive about a lifestyle change!


If you like a debate or to hear both sides of the story, I particularly like this Blog by Dr Wes Fisher. Whilst his writings continue to inform and educate, I have chosen this blog as I particularly like his commentary and focus on topics that others would avoid. Two of his latest posts have highlighted the monetary compensation received by doctors from Medical Device companies and the change in Governance with in the American Board of Internal Medicine. His latest post has looked at why the Medical Blog is a dying breed but I for one hope that he continues to share his regular insights into a forever changing profession!

So there you have my TOP 5 BLOGS!
I read them all and subscribe on Bloglovin and suggest you do the same πŸ™‚

Time to Revise!!

Thanks for Reading

Cardiac Technician

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  1. Nice Blog! Heart has major functionality in the body which keeps flow and purification of blood to all parts of the body. It is very sensitive than after the brain. We suggest to patients and even to healthy people to have proper diet and exercise to keep your body active and fit.

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  3. Avoiding few food items can stop heart disease probably some don’t follow. Really, that’s a nice blog to create awareness on their food.

  4. If a heart patient get awake suddenly from sleep from 2-3 in mid of night because of anxiety or something he did not get. Is it an alarm to get dignose immediately???????

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