The Heart Made Easy – Free Cardiology Book

The Heart Made Easy

FREE to my Subscribers!!!

So I have finished my first book on Cardiology Made Easy. Book one is simply called The Heart Made Easy and teaches about the heart in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read (I am biased yes).

However I have had some really positive feedback already… Wahoo!

Luckily for everyone else, Part 1 is completely free to anybody who subscribes to THE PAD. You can do so by filling in the information box to the right and filling in your details.

The book contains the following chapters….

The Heart – The Basics

Four Chambers of The Heart

Systole & Diastole
Coronary Arteries

The Major Blood Vessels Of The Heart

The Heart Valves

The Heart Cells

Electrics of the Heart

If you would like it, the book is also available for a couple of pounds/dollars on your Kindle at Amazon as of the 17th May 2014.

Obviously it is aimed at patients helping them understand the heart and their condition with lots of images to keep it all simple.
When you have read it then please feel free to put any feedback you may have in the comments section here!
Yours Kindly
Cardiac Technician

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  1. Profile photo of Cindi

    A fellow paramedic sent me a link to this site. I look forward to learning a lot about pacemakers and other cardiac/pacemaker related issues that will help me in my paramedic training.
    I would like to download a copy of this book “The Heart Made Easy”. I do not subscribe to THE PAD (not sure what that is) and there is no place ‘to the right’ for me to fill anything in.
    Thank you very much,

    1. Profile photo of Kristian Webb Post

      Hi Cindi,

      Sorry this needs updating as thepad.pm was the old website. Here you can click on the ‘books’ tab and download them for free. I am currently having a little issue with ipads being able to complete the download but any other pc or mac will do the trick! Great to have you visit! Kindest regards

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