The Arrhythmia Scale (Tachy-arrhythmias) – Cardiac Arrhythmias in a Scale of Severity

Arrhythmia Scale

Tachyarrhythmias (Arrhythmias that make your heart go faster…)
This is just a very rough scale of where arrhythmias fall in severity. EVERYBODY is different so this is not a table for medical use, it is simply how I classify Tachycardic Arrhythmias in my head. This table will be of use as I am going to be posting on ICD’s… there won’t be a test on this….
If you want to see in more detail click on the image but not on the big red P….
Arrhythmia Scale
Oh and since this took me hours to make (yes thats probably far too long) it is property of if you would like to use it then please contact me 🙂
Thanks for having a look
Time to unwind…
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