Remote Pacemaker Downloads – Are these Safe? How do they Work?

Remote Cardoac Pacemaker Downloads

Remote Pacemaker Downloads

“Thanks for your answer to my previous question and Thanks for your post about check-ups. It’s useful to see things from the other side. Today’s question – does the remote monitoring collect the same data as is downloaded at a clinic visit? If it downloads nightly like some devices do, does it reset each night? And finally if you go away and don’t take the home monitor does it accumulate the data and download it all at once when you come back?”
The remote pacemaker downloads send us all the diagnostic data that we receive in a clinic download, we don’t have the ability to do live ‘tests’ where we check threshold and sensing for example but many pacemakers regularly do these themselves and we get the results from those too! After a ‘send’ the remote data will be reset till next time but not deleted! So the next send is an update. This is all separate to your in hospital check where when it is downloaded you get all information since your last in hospital check the remote downloads don’t affect this greatly.

A complete explanation of these topics and more is available in the book Pacemakers Made Easy by Carl Robinson.

The two types of check are very similar but work independently of one another. They both serve a valuable purpose, I hope this helps!

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