Pacemakers Made Easy! Hard Copy Now Available.



Pacemakers Made Easy! Hard Copy Now Available.

150 fully illustrated pages explaining how pacemakers work. Suitable for people with pacemakers and healthcare professionals.
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Book Costs (Introductory Price)
UK : £14.99 – £3.80 p&p
USA: $23.00 – $13 p&p
Europe: €20.00 – €8 p&p
Australia: $28 – $16 p&p
Rest of World: $23 – $16 p&p

Item being shipped from UK at cost. Please contact me for more information if necessary of if you require a bulk order.
N.B. This book is being reviewed for professional publishing and therefore may no longer be on sale in the next few months if I indeed hand over printing rights.
Book will be shipped within 2 days of order. Standard international post.
Postage costs vary for orders over 1 unit. I also with hold the right to cancel sales but a full refund would be given.

Customer Reviews



by Ellis1981

Superbly written and neatly presented. 

I’m a cardiac physiologist with 10 years experience working with pacemakers. 

This book is by far the easiest that I have had the pleasure of reading. It covers all of the major topics without over complicating matters. Concise explanations about fundamental concepts are met with vibrant and accurate illustration. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in learning more about pacemakers; especially people working in the cardiac sciences. 

Chris Ellis

Excellent & Informative 


by ShermanH

Pacemakers Made Easy by Carl Robinson, part of the Cardiology Made Easy series is an excellent and informative introduction and journey through the workings of pacemakers. An ideal read for cardiac physiologists, nurses, medical students and cardiology trainees, or any one looking to be introduced to the mysteries of pacemakers.

Presented in an easy to read format that allows the reader the absorb the information in bite size pieces before moving on to the next topic in a logical order. While also allowing you to look up a specific topic in isolation for a refresher. The clear contents pages mean finding the desired information quickly is simply achieved. 

The emphasis throughout is ensuring the reader is up to speed before moving on to the next chapter. The option to read a little deeper around a topic is a nice touch and allows the more advanced reader to expand their knowledge, without putting those seeking the essentials to move on to the next subject without feeling they are getting out of their depth.

Carl’s uses every day examples to highlight and emphasise his points, these are often delivered with a degree of humour and lightheartedness and make the read an enjoyable yet educating experience. The images may be quirky but they are certainly simple to understand and aid the reader in relating the text with the subject matter. 

On a personal note, I particularly appreciated the section relating to sensitivity, a subject that has been explained previously by others, but very poorly, however on this occasion it was expertly and clearly explained. These examples will certainly assist me in teaching this topic for years to come.

Another success from the growing “Made Easy” catalogue of titles. I would strongly recommend this book to students and colleagues without hesitation. 

Frank T. Hearl

A must read for those with an interest in cardiac devices 


by Berto_1981

I found this book an easy to pick up introduction to the world if cardiac devices.

This book will appeal to the patient who wants more information regarding implantable devices, as well as the healthcare professional. It is suitable for all levels of healthcare professionals from student to educator.

Those who have been involved with cardiac devices for some time may find the book a little fragmented, however this is the authors style of breaking the information up into manageable blocks that he then builds on. This helps make the information to be clear, concise and with the aid of simple clear diagrams easy to visualise.

I would highly recommend this book.

Rob Williams CCDS

Lead Cardiac Physiologist in CRM

IBHRE Ambassador

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