Insertable Loop Recorder from Medtronic – The Reveal LINQ

The Linq Effect

“The Medtronic Linq has finally been unveiled and the first British patient implanted”

Reveal Linq
Previous Reveal
I have previously explained the different types of heart monitor that are generally used by Doctors to record the hearts activity over a sustained period of time to ‘catch’ the heart misbehaving.  These monitors are necessary because heart arrhythmias can come and go very infrequently so the chances of capturing them with a 10 second ECG is pretty unlikely!
In patients who have particularly infrequent and unexplained cardiac symptoms Implantable loop recorders are used. Despite these being pretty small (image right) and the surgical procedure being very minor, they can still leave an unsightly scar and visible protrusions. 

Step Forward Medtronic and their new Reveal Linq – Implantable Loop Recorder

So a quick picture or two from my personal library… (photographer I am not) shows the recently CE Approved device!

So what does the Reveal Linq do?

Well it does what its predecessor did but better! It is implanted into a person just under the skin on their chest and records anything the heart does that it is not supposed to! This can then be sent over a phone line automatically or downloaded in a clinic.
It does this all this whilst being so small that I had to put my contacts in just to see it. Implantation will is also a dream but we will come on to this in a bit.

Under the Hood

It still lasts for 3 years but now it has a greater memory and greater connectivity for home monitoring. It works with the incredibly functional and sleek looking new Carelink Home Monitoring which has data roaming in pretty much every country that you would ever want to visit on holiday 🙂

How do we get the Linq In? 

Well the implantation of the device is also much simpler and less invasive! In fact having inserted one of these into a prosthesis myself, I am convinced that the actual implant of the device will take minutes.
Check it out for yourselves in the video below!

Ok so enough drooling, lets actually look at the Linq Reveal clinically. A smaller and easier to implant device will lead to a greater number of implants, a greater yield of results and will improve/save more lives. Throw in the possible implantation outside of a Catheterisation lab by a nurse or technician and you have a really exciting product!

P.S.  Did I mention it is MRI Conditional? No well I should have!

Thank you for reading

Cardiac Technician

More info available from Medtronic

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  1. I have just had one of these new Loop recorders fitted. Unfortunately, the first one did not register any information and thye fitted a second one. But this second one ( fitted into breast tissue) is protruding from my left breast, under the skin. I was told that it would be completely invisible and this is not the case. Is this normal?

  2. Hi,

    I am an dutch artist interested in biomedical technology. I was wondering how you received a Linq Reveal. I am collecting all different types of medical devices, and I really want to add the reveal linq to my collection for an exhibition I am working on. I was wondering if you could tell me how you got the sensor, since you can’t retrieve in online or whatsoever. If you are willing to sell, I am really interested!

  3. I have a new type cardio link (shone above) in my chest. Last night the screen showed a red stick figure spread eagled inside of a red circle,
    with a red X inside the circle over the stick figure. What does this mean? Is there a chart that displays all of the various screens available?
    If so, please email me the chart ASAP!
    Thank you!

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