Helpful Pacemaker follow-up advice! How to Make the Most Out of YOUR Pacemaker Follow Up!

A checklist for patients coming for a pacemaker check…

A waiting room in a private hospital Cardiac Pacemaker Check

A really quick blog post but an important one when it comes to getting the most from your time with your technician!

1) Make a list of any questions you may have, they always escape people during a check up and we aren’t just there to check your pacemaker we are there to answer questions too….
2) A list of your meds! It’s rare a day goes by and I don’t ask about a beta blocker or an anti-coagulant!
3) Your pacemaker identification card. Execeptionally handy if you have changed centres it has all the exact details of which device you have! You won’t hear me admitting it but it has been know for a persons file to be misplaced short term! This will help in that scenario too.
4) Diarise your symptoms. Remember when set up to do so your pacemaker will record anything overly irregular and store it with a date and time. Did this arrhythmia cause your symptoms?!? We won’t know unless you have a date and time of your symptoms too. Always worth asking the technician to check the built in date and time calibration!!

5) Remember to speak up, quite often a patients other half or other family members will speak on their behalf. If you feel a certain way, you best speak up after all its your body and that makes you the ONLY person in that room to know what you are feeling.

6) The manual of any electrical appliance/machinery that you want to check your pacemakers safety guidelines against.

A complete explanation of these topics and more is available in the book Pacemakers Made Easy by Carl Robinson.

Like I say just a quick post but it really will maximise your time.

Time for some mind numbing T.V.

Thanks for reading,

Cardiac Technician

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