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This Blog is my thoughts on how things work and how I view them in my head to make things more digestible to myself! Take from the website what you will (Metaphorically) and leave what you want also.
In NO WAY is this a medical advice website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your own health these should be discussed with a qualified health practitioner/doctor or your own Pacemaker technician. No information should be used from this website to alter your lifestyle, adjust your treatments or as a tool to contest your health care professional. 
We are all individual and each case needs to be taken on its merits I am simply explaining some concepts involved in the wonderful world of Cardiology and how I view them.
Again if you have any concerns regarding your own health these need to be discussed with a qualified Health Care Professional who can view your case on its own merits.

All images that are not credited elsewhere are property of www.thepad.pm and may not be used in other publications without permission of proprietor. Contact thepadct@gmail.com to request use of images.

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