Some house keeping rules…

This site is intended for cardiac device patient community interaction and education purposes only.

• No soliciting.

• Disrespectful comments toward a community member will not be tolerated and the offender will be blocked from the site.

• Pacemaker community experts or participants cannot assess or diagnose medical conditions. Education of a participant’s device or disease is in no way intended to replace medical recommendations from the participant’s physician. Always contact your physician for any medical advice.

• Defamation laws can apply to any comments posted on the web made in either a personal or professional standing. Participants should not post physician, nurse names or facilities of treatment.

• Comparison of device manufacturers on common boards is prohibited. To discuss a company specifically, locate that company / patient discussion board.

• It is your responsibility as the patient to report all suspected device malfunctions to your physician or the product manufacturer. Your device card has a contact number for your device company.

• The pacemaker community experts are required to report any claims of illicit activity, clinical gross negligence, abuse as well as reports of device company misconduct.