Cardiology App Review – CathMaps+

Cathmaps+ App reviewCardiology App Review – CathMaps+

Working in Cardiology I have noticed that illness that affects the heart seems to affect a persons confidence as much as any other. For those of us lucky enough to have a healthy heart, we take it for granted that our bodies ‘battery’ will keep us going until one of our other components malfunctions. Those whom have suffered from a heart complaint may be left short of confidence long after the heart itself has been treated and this is often the slowest scar to heal. They are also at an elevated risk of a repeat event.
If the heart condition in question is Ischaemic Heart Disease (Angina or a Heart Attack) rehabilitation is offered to help a person regain their confidence. This is rarely enough though, especially when patients look to go away for business or pleasure. Luckily there are additional tools now appearing to give people further confidence in living the rest of their lives to the fullest. One of these tools that I have recently found is CathMaps+ a Smart Phone App designed for patients who have Ischaemic Heart Disease.

Cathmaps+ App reviewWhat is CathMaps+?

In the companies own words CathMaps+ is the “world’s first mobile application for people with elevated risk of a cardiac incident.” It aims to give people who have had Angina, Heart Attacks or Ischaemic Heart Disease, peace of mind by providing essential health and medical information at the patients finger tips. This information can then be used to help during an emergency or return of symptoms. 
So what is CathMaps+?

It is an app that allows those with Coronary Heart Disease the confidence to live their life to the full.

How it Works!

Cathmaps+ App review

Creating an Account:- 

When you open the App you are prompted to create an account. This is straight forward you fill in the details and click generate. You will have a confirmation email before you know it and your profile is generated.  This allows you to access any information you add to the app via their website
Emergency Dial:-

This may seem pointless. I for one know that the emergency number in the UK is 999. However I go to France each year and whilst reviewing this app asked myself what the emergency dial is in France? I, quite embarrassingly, have no idea. The App has geolocating and will call the correct international emergency number when you hit the big red button. 

Find the Nearest Cath Lab:-

Cathmaps+ App review

As the name suggests the App’s primary function is to locate the nearest working Cath lab to your location. This could be vital in receiving the necessary treatment as quickly as possible. Another benefit is the ability to check a suitable hospital will be close at hand when booking your next holiday or business trip. You simply allow the App to use your ‘current location’ and when you click on the FIND THE NEAREST CATH LAB button you are instantly provided with a map around your location. Click on the hospital of your choice and you will provided with navigation on how to get there. Click on ‘present as list’ and you will see more information and the hospital telephone number if you needed to give them a call.

This is particularly useful when travelling abroad to locate a hospital that is equipped to treat Heart Attacks and Ischaemic Heart Disease.
Cardiac Medical Records:-

Cathmaps+ App reviewHaving a record of what you have had done and when can be very useful when a doctor makes decisions about a patients medical management. If the hospital is having to get medical information faxed or emailed across from another hospital this could waste vital seconds. Having the information on your person could prove very beneficial indeed.

The app allows you to make a list of previous Cardiac procedures. This is an excellent strength of the APP you can easily list what procedures and treatments you have had done. I was instantly concerned that this would not be enough evidence for a doctor in another Country/State to base their treatment decisions on! The APP is cleverer than this though – take a photo or upload the official hospital documents and attach them too, that will definitely be enough evidence!

Sharing/ Emailing your Medical Information:-
What good would all this information be unless you could share it with Doctors or Family members both of which could be responsible for your well being during a cardiac event. Click one of two buttons and simply and quickly share your details and cardiac history with those who need access to it.

Cathmaps+ App review

Cathmaps+ App review


The App is FREE until the end of February and I believe only a few dollars or pounds there after. Would I buy this App? I would definitely even if it was just to keep my Cardiac medical history on, which it does exceptionally well. In reality the App offers far more than this – most impressively, the ability to travel with added peace of mind.
Things to consider:-
Sharing information in this way could compromise the privacy of your medical records.
The App is yet to work with Samsung Mini Phones.
Current list of Countries that the App works in: – 
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.
If you still want more information then here are a couple of Videos for you! Insatiable!!!

Thank you for Reading
NB:- I received an administration fee for reviewing this app. However I only review apps that I think merit it. If you would like me to consider your App or Medical Device for review then please email me at

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