Benefits of a Pacemaker – How Pacemakers and ICD’s can come in handy!

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Benefits of Pacemakers/ICD’s

I asked some pacemaker and ICD patients what benefits there were to having a pacemaker/ICD….

There responses were as follows, don’t you just love humanity!
“Knowing I’m still around to love my bride, raise my children, play with my dog, enjoy great wine and hang with great friends!” – Douglas
“Knowing you’re not going to have a heart stopping moment again and having a good story to tell about your scar” – Carole
“Mine doesn’t pace much to be honest but it’s main benefit for me is the peace of mind that the ICD gives me” – James
“Not dying is always a benefit. At my age it makes me feel unique, it’s a big talking point. I love it!” – Emma
“Before I was worried about going out alone due to close faints and now I can now take a beta blocker to help keep my HR low” – Kerry
“The batteries last longer than a Duracell bunny! But to be honest, it’s made my life a whole lot more fun to live as I no longer feel ill all the time. RIP Duracell bunny! ” – Mandy
“I don’t have to wear a tinfoil hat anymore at night to protect me from aliens. Also I can be located by naturalists out tracking wild lions and bears with radio collars! Seriously, my life is pretty normal and the pacer has performed well for about 8 years already. I get to jump the line at airports but then get taken to the frisking room!” – David
“Being a single mum of two youngish kids (10 & 7), knowing that I won’t be passing out a dozen times of day is a bonus” – Nikki
“I can enjoy activities with my son and friends. I no longer obsess about “when” my heart might act stupid and focus on the fun stuff.” – Kim
“It gets me out of having to ride all those big scary rides that I don’t like and not have to confess that I’m just a woosie!!! It got me the best consultant led care when I was pregnant which in turn led to extra scans so I could see my baby more than twice so they could check her heart but most of all it allows me to live the life I want!” – Jose
“Being able to do the things I want to do without feeling too tired….oh, and having a heart beat above 20!” Ally
“You don’t have to worry about passing out while driving at 100 km on the freeway or falling face first into a pot of boiling sugar syrup!” Kathryn
“being alive!” – Sue, Lisa, Dana, Jean, Liz, Debera
“More energy and of course as others have said a chance to live no more episodes or sudden cardiac arrest for me!” – Abi
” I also have one of the MOST awesome conversation starters!!! Want to feel my pacemaker?” – Dana
“I get to tell people I’m a cyborg” – Shannell
“I don’t have TIA’s anymore, I live a normal life, something I had not done since I was 22 years old, I am 49 now. Carl, there’s just too much to list here…” – Lydena
“Mine keeps my rate at a minimum of 60 instead of 30 as before” – April
“1. You get out of doing contact sport
2. There is a roughly 50% chance you will be frisked by a member of the opposite sex at an airport
3. You get time of work for routine appointments
4. You have something ‘interesting’ to talk about at corporate team-building introductions
5. You are unique among your friends and colleagues
6. You can get out of cooking if you have a microwave or an induction hob (if you are persuasive enough…)
7. If you are an exhibitionist, you will love the hospital appointments that include medical students!
8. Your heart may keep going when you should be dead (never know when that might come in handy)
9. If you clutch your chest at any time, everyone you are with will get you whatever you want
10. Finally, in the event you do pass away (comes to us all), if the coroner doesn’t remove the pacemaker, the cremation will be a blast for everyone that knew you!!!” – David
“Not passing out, not waking up feeling hungover, able to keep going when exercising, no dizzy spells” – Vicki
“I feel so much better since having it fitted, not frightened of passing out is the main thing. I had lost my confidence because of collapsing without warning” – Beth
“Knowing I will wake up in the morning” – Tony
“Well it’s a great chat up line!” – James
“I stopped fainting. I stopped wondering when the next episode will be. I’m a safe mom and a safe driver from my pacer!!” – Jenny
“I stopped passing out and was able to keep my driver’s license. Plus, I have a cool scar and can scare people by saying I was in a knife fight, and “you should see the other guy” – Kathleen
“living a normal life” – Sue
“My daughter was diagnosed at 12 with CHB. She was at risk for sudden death and I thank god every day for her pacemaker” – Lisa
“Being 100% paced I wouldn’t last long without it! having a life – thats a good reason. Full love and respect to my silver shiny box ;@)” Debbie
“I’ve given mine a name, a Facebook account and a whole personality. I think that helped me accept it at the time, now I just carry on because everybody knows him as Bob Pacemaker!” – Emma
“Other than keeping me alive! it is a great talking point, made me who I am today (became a nurse as I enjoyed my stays in hospital!!) made me more determined – not sure I would have run a marathon if I did not have the PM as would not have the same mentality!” – Heather
“My pacemaker gets me through security at the airport quicker” – Paul

“Now i know how important living life is!” – Kirsty
“Life. Time I wouldn’t otherwise have had” – Edie
There you have it, pacemakers in the words of the patients, some great answers and some great positivity for a Sunday morning!
Thank you all!
Cardiac Technician
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