An Invitation.. and an opportunity to help others!

An Invitation..                                         (contact:

“Those Who Contribute Do Not Always Know and Those Who Know Do Not Always Contribute”

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Reach a World Wide Audience
As part of the rejuvenated website (you have probably noticed the changes). T.H.E. P.A.D. has decided to branch out and offer the opportunity for guest writers on the website!
So this is an invitation for writers to contact us if you would like to write a feature or post! 
Topics include; Personal Experiences, Cardiology News, Device Reviews, Explanations of Heart Conditions and Treatments and explanations of Cardiac Testing and anything else you may be interested in covering!
Now I enjoy writing and I love the feedback (good or bad) but if that is not enough of a carrot…

Benefits of writing a post! 

You can Include it on Your CV
That part of your C.V. where it says Interests; and you always write ‘reading and travelling’. Now wouldn’t it be better when you say that you are a guest writer on a Cardiology website? Write many posts and chances are they will have come across your name. I am not lying when I say I have received three good job offers on the basis of my website alone!
You will be helping others
By offering them an insight or an explanation into an aspect of Cardiology.
It will help your own learning. 
Every time I write a post it helps me understand the topic so much better… so why not further your education.
I am also looking for guest writers who have or live with somebody with a heart condition. Nothing is more comforting than seeing an inspirational figure with the same problems as you! Patient Stories are always very well received and really do help others in the same boat or with a new diagnosis!
Reach a World Wide Audience
I have a new friend in Australia who I discuss the Ashes Cricket with! I find it astonishing that I have helped someone thousands of miles away…

Exposure for your Own Site
If indeed you have your own Facebook Page or Website you will of course be able to link back to your home and increase your own audience.

You can become an Authority
By showing you really know your stuff will help you gain a social presence and authority in your field! Think how many times you have seen me pop up and I receive loads of questions and people seeking advice because I have demonstrated my understanding online!
These reasons took me 1 minute to think of they are in no particular order and there are plenty more!
Even if you would like to discuss what would be required then drop me an email on or
I look forward to hearing from you.
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