About THE PAD – The Heart, Electrophysiology, Pacemakers and Defibrillators

About THE PAD – The Heart, Electrophysiology, Pacemakers and Defibrillators

Once something is understood it is remembered. – Me 2013

Cardiac Pacemakers and the HeartI just started to write this intro and I had to delete a paragraph. I had started to write in the same way that so many reference books were written… boringly. 
I will start again, reference books/websites are often written for the Einsteins out there. Allow me to share a quote from Wikipedia, a source that I had to rely on whilst studying one night a couple of years ago. I probably shouldn’t have been using it, but the library didn’t open on a Sunday night and Monday’s exam wasn’t far away…
“The lateral plate mesoderm delaminates to form two layers: the dorsal somatic (parietal) mesoderm and the ventral splanchnic (visceral) mesoderm. The heart precursor cells come from the two regions of the splanchnic mesoderm called the cardiogenic mesoderm. These cells can differentiate into endocardium which lines the heart chamber and valves and the myocardium which forms the musculature of the ventricles and the atria.”
S@!T are you kidding me, I thought to myself, I have a frigging exam tomorrow. Yes I know I have left it till the last minute but that does not mean I should be treated like this.
With matchsticks keeping my eyes open and caffeine on an IV drip, I soldiered on, come 3am I felt I had taken in enough information to scrape the 40% that I needed. As I drifted off into an anxious sleep I remember thinking, if somebody had explained what all the nonsense meant by just using plain English, then I could have learnt all that I had within about an hour – I also remember thinking I probably should have skipped the pub lunch.
Though you can pin point my hatred for overcomplicating to that day, that wasn’t what actually drove me to start www.thepad.pm.
My colleagues and I were searching for some help on the internet following a complicated and unusual pacemaker patient in clinic. We stumbled across a website that is specifically for pacemaker patients and ICD patients. As a website it has many fantastic qualities, primarily its ability to put patients who are in the same boat in contact with one another and they do offer a truly remarkable level of support to one another. What concerned us was the presence of a lot of inaccurate information on there. We continued to crawl the internet and found that information was either jargon, too complex, not comprehensive… or bollocks.
www.thepad.pm was born.
After a few weeks I received this review,
I have learnt more about my heart from T.H.E. P.A.D. in 2 weeks than I have learnt from my Doctor in 10 years. This is not because Carl is more intelligent than my Doctor but quite the opposite. I am sure it is because Carl is actually less intelligent than my Doctor, but he still gets it. He finds a way to help himself understand and he shares that method with the reader” – A pacemaker patient, reader of www.thepad.pm and back handed compliment specialist.

It was too late to pull out.

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