A New MRI Compatible Pacing System – Sorin KORA 100 with Automatic MRI Mode

Kora 100 MRI Pacemaker

Sorin KORA 100 with Automatic MRI Mode – Spiffingly Clever 

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The Sorin Group have long been one of the market leaders in Cardiac Devices and they only recently have CE approval of a really clever new pacemaker that will only help to strengthen their position. 
The KORA 100 Single and Dual Chamber pacemakers are the first in the world to have an automatic MRI Safe Mode that kicks in when the device senses the scanners strong magnetic fields. The device senses the Magnetic Fields and switches into an MRI ‘SAFE’ mode during the scan, similarly the device senses when the magnetic field is no longer present and switches back to the patients normal settings 5 minutes later.
The device is only MRI Compatible when used with a suitable lead. Sorin’s weapon of choice is the Sorin BEFLEX 

Pacemaker patients are typically over 65, an age group that are also prone to arthritis, cancer and stroke, the diagnosis and treatment of which regularly require an MRI Scan. The new system will allow a patient to undergo an MRI scan to certain parts of the bodies, without the patient requiring a pacemaker appointment immediately before and after. This allows for greater flexibility and ease for patients requiring an MRI Scan, whilst easing the strain on Pacemaker Technicians all over the World. 
I’m also guessing that Patients with private healthcare will also benefit from reduced medical costs…?!?!

Sorin Kora 100 Additional Goodies

As if that wasn’t enough the Kora 100 also uses the fantastic SafeR Algorithm (one of my favorites that I have discussed in great detail on a previous post) and SAM – the sleep apnea monitoring system that you’ll also find inside the Sorin Reply 200. 
This gives me the opportunity mention SAM which I have been meaning to get around too…

SAM (Sleep Apnea Monitoring) detects, counts and reports episodes of sleep apnea. Episodes during which the patients breathing pauses or is erratic during the night.

Sleep Apnea Pacemaker

First up…?

The first recipient was a 79 Year old Male implanted in Austria by Doctor Christian Wollmann.
It is clear that Sorin are addressing the Cardiovascular co-morbidities of Heart Failure, Sleep Apnea and Atrial Fibrillation by using the pacemaker to pick up on physiological changes that indicate these health issues. This has clear benefits to the patient allowing for early detection or tweaking of management but at the same time will produce data that may strengthen causal links between these usual suspects.

What Sorin have to Say… 

“The KORA 100 with Sorin’s proprietary SafeR algorithm, Sleep Apnea monitoring, and the patented Automatic MRI mode is the clear gold standard in pacing technology today. We are very proud to launch this latest innovative technology from Sorin Group” Stefano Di Lullo, Sorin Group, President CRM Business Unit.

Further explanation around these topics and more is available in the book Pacemakers Made Easy by Carl Robinson.

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Read the full article here… Sorin Kora 100
Images Courtey of The Sorin Group

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  1. I am having difficulty finding a NHS hospital to give me an MRI scan as I have a sorin kora 250 DR can you help


  2. When did the Sorin Kora 100 with Automatic MRI Mode first become available?
    When I change to this new pacemaker, will the leads I now have be MRI compatible or will only the Beflex leads work?

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